For self-employed and small business entrepreneurs who seek clarity and support

thrive in life coaching

I'm an outcome-focused results coach who provides perspective, holds you accountable, helps you clarify and unlock your goals, and teaches daily habits for success.

I'm an entrepreneur myself so I understand the journey.  With me as your coach, you'll never feel alone.

My name is kristen

hi, friend!

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more about me

my goal is to help you find intention and inspiration so you can thrive in life and business.  I believe you can live your wildest dreams.

what can a coach do for you?

Share shortcuts to success
Brainstorm solutions & actions
Provide outside perspective
Teach mindset management
Provide accountability
Develop an Operating System for your business

mastermind community

We are a community of people who uplift one another, of unleashed human potential, of people who live life on their own terms and perpetuate a sentiment that different is good and authenticity is best.



These tried and true toolkits will get you started on a DIY personal development journey. From developing a morning routine to a journaling plan to uplevel your life, I've got you covered.


1 on 1 coaching

My 1on1 virtual coaching services take place online weekly based on your schedule. You can choose from one of my curated plans to follow or choose a less structured plan based on your goals.


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