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From a 30 day Journal to UpLevel Your Life to my Morning Routine Starter Kit, these programs are designed for you to do on your own time.  If you love what you see and want to take the next step, you can join our mastermind group or sign up for a coaching plan! Either way, this is a great place to start.

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Finding happiness, fulfillment and success through the practices of gratitude, positive visualization and manifestation.

Through neuroplasticity we have the power to rewire our brains for anything we choose! 

Journaling is a powerful habit to develop and steer your life in the direction of your choosing.

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30 Days of journaling

A regular morning routine has been one of the most impactful habits I have ever developed.  

In this Morning Routine Starter Kit, I'll share:

How to develop a morning routine
A menu of habits and exercises to choose from
Anchoring in the new habit
Tips for success

a starter kit to kick start your day

morning routine

This two-part workshop includes: 
1. Your Year in Review
2. Goal Planning for Your Best Year Yet

Each workshop is a guided 45-minute exercise with me as your coach.  You'll leave with an action plan to tackle your most important goals for the New Year!

Cost: $25 to participate in either or both workshop(s) or to have access to the recordings.  You can do one or both, one is not dependent on the other.

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New year workshops

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